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"I have participated in many strategic planning exercises in my career, but they never amounted to anything. We were literally able to implement every facet of the plan which Pete DeLisi facilitated for us and went on to have the best year in our company's history."


—Gordon Smith
Former CEO
J.R. Simplot Co.





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Outstanding corporate performance begins with the strategy of the organization. Among other things, the strategy must clearly state the long-term results (goals) the organization strives to achieve and the means to achieve those goals.  It is also essential that everyone in the organization understand their role in executing the strategy. Sadly, this is not the case in most organizations. One study showed that only 5% of corporate employees understand their company’s strategy.

While our belief is that accountability for the business strategy rests at the top of the organization, we strongly believe that the strategy process should include the creative ideas and inputs of everyone in the organization. We work with companies to make this happen.

While we are adept at the strategy process and very current with the latest strategic thinking, our approach to strategy creation is primarily organizationally-centered. We accomplish this in group sessions with the senior management team.  Our belief is that the best thinking for the organization resides in the audience and that our role is to enable this thinking to occur.  In the process, ownership for the plan and organizational learning also take place.

An area that has until recently received little attention is strategy execution. Research has shown the performance shortfalls that occur in this area. For example, several studies have concluded that less than 10% of strategic initiatives are successfully executed.

If one examines the literature on strategy, one sees that most of the material focuses on strategy creation. Our philosophy is that strategy execution is even more important than strategy creation. We believe that an organization with a good, solid strategy that is well executed, will outperform an organization with a brilliant strategy that is poorly executed. For an in-depth look at our research on strategy execution and our recommendations to significantly increase performance in this area, see our whitepaper Strategy Execution: An Oxymoron or a Powerful Formula for Corporate Success?

Our strategy practice focuses on three areas: corporate strategy, sales strategy and information technology strategy. We have over 25 years of expertise in each of these areas and have worked successfully with over 100 major corporations to help them develop and execute strategies for their business. These sessions were conducted for organizations such as: Lockheed-Martin, Microsoft, Hughes Aircraft, Cisco, Intel, Healthnet, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, National Semiconductor, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, LSI Logic, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford Graduate School of Business and San Jose State University.